Meeting experts from the Mannheim Central Institute of Mental Health


Thanks to a visit from Ulrich Steinbach, the head of department for the Ministry of Science, Research and Art of Baden-Württemburg, Professor Gerrit Meixner and the team from UniTyLab were able to socialize with the team from Mannheim through Professor Dieter Kleinböhl and Kornelius Sücker. Steinbach visited the VR-Lab in Sontheim for himself at the end of February and learned about the BMBF-Research Project EVElyn and got to personally experience his fear of heights in VR. Immediately after Steinbach’s VR-experience, the idea of bringing together the Heilbronn Institute with the Central Institute of Mental Health in Mannheim was made.

The objective of the first meeting was to exchange views on possible cooperation in the VR/AR field with regard to application scenarios in the medical and psychological environment. Last Friday Kleinboehl and Suecker tested hardware from many different demonstration pieces in UniTyLab’s Virtual Reality Lab – both sides had a lot of fun with a valuable professional exchange. The chemistry among one another is true and the intersection in the field of research plus application scenarios is large. A future visit of ZI Mannheim is already planned for the UniTyLab employees. On the other hand, the aim is to gain a better insight into the equipment of the VR laboratory on site and to further deepen the discussions about a cooperation project.

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    Meeting experts from the Mannheim Central Institute of Mental Health

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