Studying with disability

Academic adjustments

If a student with a disability suffers from a disadvantage during a performance rendered, this disadvantage shall be offset individually through a so-called "academic adjustment".

The Studies and Examinations Regulation of Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences covers this case in the General Part (Sec. 8, Para 3) as follows:

"Where an individual can show that due to a disability or chronic disease they are unable to complete the exam as a whole or in part in the prescribed manner, the Chairman of the Examination Board in question gives the permission to complete such an exam during an extended period of time or in a different manner. In this case, it must be ensured that the competencies to be proven during the exam are proven in a different manner. A doctor’s note may be requested in such a case."

For individual advice, please contact the Officer for Students with Disabilities preferably before the exams take place.