Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences

Bachelor’s degree seeking applicants

The general requirement for studying at Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences is that an applicant holds an academic qualification which would enable him/her to study the chosen subject in his/her home country.

Application with international certificates

International applicants need to have their university entrance qualification confirmed by Studienkolleg - Center for International Students in Konstanz; the Center for International Students will also have to confirm that their German language skills are sufficient. The center handles these applications for all Universities of Applied Sciences of the land/state Baden-Wuerttemberg. All relevant information you may find on the website of the Center for International Students.

Postal address:

Center for International Students


Brauneggerstr. 55

78462 Konstanz


International applicants who possess a German university entrance qualification are treated as German citizens and should follow the normal applications and admissions procedure. They should send the normal application form directly to Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences.

All Bachelor degree programmes at Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences are taught primarily in German.

International applicants with a non-German university entrance qualification must prove that they have the German language skills required for the respective course of study.

The language ability can be proven by the following examinations:

  • DSH (Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang / German Language Examination for Academic Purposes) - DSH-2 or DSH-3 are required for admission to Heilbronn University,

  • TestDaF(Test Deutsch als Fremdsprache / Test in German as a Foreign Language) - The average result must be at least TDN 4.Please find further information here: https://www.testdaf.de/

  • ‚Prüfung zur Feststellung der Eignung ausländischer Studienbewerber für die Aufnahme eines Studiums an Hochschulen in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland‘ (at the Center for International Students)

  • ‚Deutsches Sprachdiplom der Kultusministerkonferenz – Stufe II‘

  • ‚Großes Deutsches Sprachdiplom‘ of Goethe Institut (Goethe certificate C2)

  • Deutsche Sprachprüfung II‘ of the University of Applied Languages Munich

  • ‚telc Deutsch C1 Hochschule‘

Generally, the following applies to all Bachelor’s degree programmes:

The proof that one of the above examinations has been passed must be submitted by the application deadline (15.01./15.07.). If the proof is not submitted or not submitted on time, participation in the selection procedure is not possible.

Exeption: For the following Bachelor’s degree programmes

-Automotive Systems Engineering
-Mechanical Engineering
-Process and Environmental Engineering

-Electrical Systems Engineering
-Mechatronics and Robotics
-Software Engineering

a proof of German language skills with the overall result DSH-1 (or comparable according to RO-DT) is sufficient. In this case admission on condition may be granted. Then the proof of language skills with the overall result DSH-2 (or comparable according to RO-DT) is subsequently provided by the beginning of the 2nd semester at the latest.

Please find further information on our German website.

Applicants from China, Vietnam or Mongolia have to submit the certificate of APS ("Akademische Prüfstelle") as well.

The application for the Bachelor's degree programmes follows up in several steps:

For the registration you have to fill in your personal data. After that you will receive an applicant identification number (BID) and the corresponding applicant authorization number (BAN). You must then quote these numbers when applying to the university.


2a: Registration

For the registration at Heilbronn University your BID and BAN is needed which you received at hochschulstart.de. Part of your personal and contact data will then be transferred automatically from your registration at hochschulstart.de. You will receive a confirmation by e-mail.

2b: Online application

After, you can apply via the online application portal of Heilbronn University.

Simultaneously, you can apply for a maximum of 3 Bachelor’s degree programmes at Heilbronn University. Your applications participate equally in the admission process.


After you filled in the online application in our online application portal you have to print out the document “Anschreiben und abzugebende Unterlagen” and submit this signed form with all necessary application documents in paper form to Heilbronn University:

Heilbronn University

Registration Office

Max-Planck-Strasse 39

74081 Heilbronn



Summer semester: 15 January

(begin of lectures in March)

Winter semester 15 July

(begin of lectures end of September/beginning of October)

If the end of the application period falls on a Sunday or a public holiday, the application period ends at this day and is not extended. The date of receipt of the application for admission with all necessary documents at the university is decisive, not the date of the postmark.

Your completed application must arrive at the University not later than the mentioned deadlines.

Applications which are submitted after the deadline, or which are incomplete, will not be considered.


Following the below-mentioned link you can check the status of your application at any time. In our information portal you can see if there are missing documents which still have to be submitted.

You can get an overview of the status of the individual applications via your application portal and collected on hochschulstart.de. Please note that changes on the central page hochschulstart.de are displayed with a time delay.


After the application deadline, Heilbronn University will perform the study place allocation procedure.

  • The university transmits the result of the study place allocation procedure to hochschulstart.de and expresses admission offers via their portal.
  • If you receive one or more admission offers for a Bachelor’s degree programme, you can accept the admission offer for the desired Bachelor’s degree programme at hochschulstart.de
  • Important: You can only accept one admission offer. If an admission offer is accepted, all further applications are rejected automatically from the procedure. Vacant study places will then be made available to new students.

After acceptance of your admission offer on hochschulstart.de, you will receive an admission letter from Heilbronn University by post.


You must register in writing or in person at the university within the period stipulated in the admission letter.

After enrolment or matriculation, you will then be a student of Heilbronn University.

Further information about the application and admission

We will open the online application portal approx.

  • from the end of November for the summer term and
  • from the end of April / beginning of May for the winter term.

Simultaneously, you can apply for a maximum of 3 Bachelor's degree programmes at Heilbronn University. Your applications participate equally in the admission process.

If the number of applicants exceeds the number of the offered study places per study programme there will be a selection procedure.

8% of the offered study places per study programme will be allocated to applicants from non-EU countries.

For the application you also need a study orientation test. These tests are free of charge and last approx. 15 to 20 minutes.

Please choose one of the following tests (only available in German):



A pre-study internship is only necessary for the technical Bachelor programmes (including Industrial Engineering). Please find further information in German here.

International applicants for Medical Informatics do not have to send their documents to the Center for International Students in Konstanz. They only have to send their documents to Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences.

Find here further information about the expenses and tuition fee