Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences

Bachelor’s degree seeking applicants

The general requirement for studying at Heilbronn University is that an applicant holds an academic qualification which would enable him/her to study the chosen subject in his/her home country.

Application deadlines

  • summer term:  15th January (begin in March)
  • winter termn:    15th July (begin in October)

Some Bachelor programmes only starts once a year for the winter term – please check before applying.

Your completed application must arrive at the University not later than the mentioned deadlines.

Applications which are submitted after the deadline, or which are incomplete, will not be considered.

Please note that, for reasons of data protection, we are not able to give any information over the telephone about the status of your application.

Important for the application

International applicants need to have their university entrance qualification confirmed by Studienkolleg - Center for International Students in Konstanz; the Center for International Students will also have to confirm that their German language skills are sufficient. The center handles these applications for all Universities of Applied Sciences of the land/state Baden-Wuerttemberg. All relevant information you may find on the website of the Center for International Students.

Postal address:

Center for International Students


Brauneggerstr. 55

78462 Konstanz


International applicants who possess a German university entrance qualification are treated as German citizens and should follow the normal applications and admissions procedure. They should send the normal application form directly to Heilbronn University.

All Bachelor degree programmes at Heilbronn University are taught primarily in German. Degree-seeking students must provide evidence of proficiency in German, by means of either

  • DSH (Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang / German Language Examination for Academic Purposes) - DSH-2 or DSH-3 are required for admission to Heilbronn University, or

  • TestDaF (Test Deutsch als Fremdsprache / Test in German as a Foreign Language) - The average result must be at least TDN 4.
Applicants from China, Vietnam or Mongolia have to submit the certificate of APS ("Akademische Prüfstelle") as well.

Expenses and tuition fee

Find here further information about the expenses and tuition fee

Further information about the application and admission

We will open the online application portal approx.

  • from the end of November for the summer term and
  • from the end of May / beginning of June for the winter term.

We can only accept one application form. You can only apply to one Bachelors programme (which is your main choice).

If you would like, you can choose two more Bachelor programmes as the second and third option (due to a second or a third option, a letter of admission can only be issued, if all first options in that programme already received the admission).

If the number of applicants exceeds the number of the offered study places per study programme there will be a selection procedure.

8% of the offered study places per study programme will be allocated to applicants from non-EU countries.

For the application you also need a study orientation test. These tests are free of charge and last approx. 15 to 20 minutes.

Please choose one of the following tests (only available in German):



A pre-study internship is only necessary for the technical Bachelor programmes (including Industrial Engineering). Please find further information in German here.

The Scholastic Assessment Test ("Studierfähigkeitstest") BT-WISO is part of the selection procedure of the Bachelor programmes

Business Administration and Culture, Leisure, Sports Management

Business Administration, Marketing and Media Management

Business Administration and Social Management

Please find further information in German here.

International applicants for Medical Informatics do not have to send their documents to the Center for International Students in Konstanz. They only have to send their documents to Heilbronn University.

Application sent - what will happen next?

After sending your application documents in paper form to Heilbronn University you can log in at the following below-mentioned link. Here you can check the status of your application or still missing documents:

Information portal - status of your application

Within approx. 2 weeks after the application deadline you will get an answer of the Registration Office - either a letter of admission ("Zulassungsbescheid") or a letter of rejection ("Ablehnungsbescheid") - by post - at

  • the beginning of February for the summer term and
  • the beginning of August for the winter term

If there are more applicants than available study places, the places will be awarded in accordance with a ranking which is the result of a selection procedure. This selection procedure is based on the application documents submitted by the applicants. It varies from one Bachelor programme to the next.

Heilbronn University will issue a letter of admission ("Zulassungsbescheid") to all applicants who have submitted their applications within the deadline, who have satisfied the entry requirements and who have been awarded a study place as a result of the selection procedure.

All applicants who have received such an offer have to accept it in writing within a ten-day deadline otherwise their right to join their chosen study programme will lapse!