Unternehmensführung / Business Management (M.A.)

Fact File

Title of the Course
Business Management (M.A.)
Type of Course Master
Duration of Study
ECTS Credits
Language of Instruction
Master of Arts
Programme Start Summer and Winter Term
Campus Heilbronn - Sontheim
Application Deadline
15. January / 15. July

Career Prospects

This Master programme provides a sound knowledge base in Advanced Business Management which qualifies students for challenging leadership positions. Specific focal areas, such as Strategic Information Management, HR Management, Marketing, Financial Management and Controlling are additionally covered. This programme is further enriched by an international study or project experience (project weeks, intensive programmes and excursions) and sustainable language and interpersonal training.

This profile offers excellent prospects for a promising career as it meets the requirements of a large number of job openings in Germany and abroad. “This university is a renowned training ground for future business leaders“ Prof. Dr. W. Reinhart, Minister of European Affairs (Baden-Württemberg, off-duty). Moreover, this Master degree gives graduates access to high-level careers in the German public sectors, to Ph.D. studies and to scientific research.


The Master of Business Management is committed to:
  • providing knowledge of the interrelated aspects of management,
  • elucidating the complexity of organizational structures and business functions,
  • familiarizing students with the most appropriate scientific approaches and analytical tools to resolve organizational problems,
  • developing job-specific, personal and relational competences,
  • providing an introduction to state-of-the-art IT systems,
  • qualifying students for top-level careers in national and international organizations.

Programme Structure

This Master programme takes 1.5 years to complete.

Semester 1 is completed in Heilbronn and the lectures are delivered in German.

Semester 2 is intended to be pursued at an international partner institution, e.g. in Ireland, Australia, the USA, Bulgaria, Poland, Lithuania or the UK. Some of these partnerships offer the opportunity of obtaining a dual master degree. Alternatively, students may complete this semester in an international atmosphere in Heilbronn, e.g. by attending seminars which are jointly offered with partner institutions.

Semester 3 has been earmarked for the Master Thesis which is usually performed for an external business organization or a partner institution. The Master course may constitute a basis for further doctoral studies which will be supervised by the Centre for Business Administration and Management at Heilbronn University and by external institutions.

Entry Requirements

  • A very good first degree in Business Studies.
  • 210 ECTS credits acquired in the first-degree programme.
  • Applicants with 180 ECTS credits may obtain the missing 30 ECTS credits by attending suitable classes in the Bachelor programmes at Heilbronn University.
  • German proficiency test, e.g. Deutsch-Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang (DSH) or an international equivalent, Native speakers of German are exempt from this requirement.


Heilbronn University
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Your contact person at the Master Programmes Office
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