Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences

Information for companies

The Heilbronn University Career Service publishes advertisements for jobs, training programmes, internships,
working student jobs, part-time jobs and final thesis projects, for the most part, free of charge. The advertisements
are not posted on the billboard of Heilbronn University.

To provide an ample selection of job advertisements to our students and ensure a wide range of applicants to companies, Heilbronn University Career Service cooperates with the Klaus Resch Verlag (berufsstart.de).
The publishing company's online job portal offers an optimal platform for all users. Its main advantage is its network that consists of many different educational institutions. It thus provides an even larger number of job opportunities and job seeker postings.

Advertisements can be posted for the following areas

  • for interns
  • for student research projects
  • for working students
  • for student assistants
  • for part-time jobs
  • for final theses (Master)
  • for final theses (Bachelor)
  • for final theses (diploma)
  • for graduates (Master)
  • for graduates (Bachelor)
  • for graduates (diploma)
  • for young professionals
  • for postgraduates

and can be specifically targeted towards disciplines and degree programs offered at Heilbronn University.

To quickly publish a job posting, go to


You will then be requested to enter your email-address and can start entering the details of your posting.

If you prefer to first register as a company, please refer to our

Should you experience any difficulties with the registration or not receive the access data, please contact
stellenanzeigen@berufsstart.de or call +49 44 35 /96 12 - 0.

Note regarding postings for internships

Before posting an internship offer, please consider our students' time frame. Our students are required to do
an internship

  • during the winter semester from August / September until January / February and
  • during the summer semester from March / April until August / September.

The scope of the internship is 26 weeks / 6 months (minimum of 100 days of presence required).

We are looking forward to receiving your postings for our online job portal!
Many thanks in advance for your effort and friendly support.