B.A. International Business - Intercultural Studies (IBIS)

Teaching Methods

The professors from the IBIS Programme strive to support and guide students to successfully complete their studies. Students also play an active role in creating their own success. The doors are always open for students to engage with professors and ask questions one-on-one regarding their studies. Traditional lectures take place during the first year only. In the following semesters, time spent in the classroom is comprised of seminars, group-work, discussions and presentations. In addition to increased business and methodological competencies, social and communication skills are also developed.

The programme fosters group work, communication, critical thinking and conflict resolution skills. Creating and maintaining a positive learning environment are also important attributes that play a big role within the success of the programme.


In order to provide further real-life context to the programme, students will work on existing business case studies and take part in company excursions. To round-off the programme, students write a bachelor thesis, demonstrating their knowledge at an independent and scientific level.

This programme has the following goals:

  • To deliver professional and methodological knowledge of business administration and its particularities in step with actual practice in 7 semesters
  • To explore economic and operational characteristics of Eastern Europe, Francophone World, Hispanic Countries or Orient including North Africa (as an elective)
  • To foster excellent English communication skills within the business realm (main studies carried out almost exclusively in English)
  • To increase the exposure to the Arabic, French, Russian or Spanish language (as an elective)
  • To deepen intercultural competence