Prof. Dr. Nicola Marsden

Theses and Student Projects

Computer-Mediated Communication (CMC2018):

Required reading CMC:

Background Reading empathy & VR:

Open Thesis Topic:

"Virtual reality or virtuous reality? Facing gendered access to virtual reality"

Within the framework of a Bachelor's or Master's thesis, various VR glasses are to be tested for a possible correlation of user groups based on their product design. Are technically appealing VR glasses mostly frequented by men? What should a gender-friendly design look like? The methods include participating observations, qualitative interviews and a creative spirit for a new VR design.


I welcome student to write their master theses in my areas of expertise. Theses topics can be found in close cooperation with companies, chosen from the topics I offer as part of my research projects or can be individually defined based on the students' interest.

Topics available are currently in the following areas:

  • User-Centered Design, e.g. study personas, empathy
  • Persuasive Technology, e.g. developing app to support behavior change/learning of new competence
  • Virtual Reality, e.g. study of how attitudes influence experiences with head-mounted displays, motion sickness
  • Eyetracking, e.g. study of how framing (importance of empathy, focus of difference) influences eye movements
  • Project Management, e.g. agile software development processes
The current research projects funded by the the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) are: