Promotion of Wind Energy in Germany / Prof. Dr. Rainald S. Kasprik

Publikation in: Journal of Energy und Power Engineering

Promotion of Wind Energy in Germany, Kasprik R.S., Journal of Energy and Power Engineering 8 (2014) 671-676

Abstract: This paper concentrates on the most important findings and the lessons learned from German experience in the field of wind energy integration. It reflects the work of the governmental experts who were auditing the 2008-revision of the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG 2008) in the EEG-Report 2011 and the actual political debate in Germany in 2013. The EEG report 2011 makes it clear that a feed-in-tariff-mechanism lowers entry barriers and open the market for new competitors but, also, that incentives without a favorable legal framework fail to fulfill the purpose.