Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences

E-Learning and E-Assessment

The teaching staff at Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences usually include multimedia content in their presentations and lectures. Ideally, the class room seminars are combined with e-learning and e-assessment modules. These separate units are designed to assist students in deepening their basic and course content knowledge in addition to the class room seminars.

Students and members of the University staff have access to the ILIAS platform for e-learning and e-assessment at: https://ilias.hs-heilbronn.de/.

  • The most recent eLeA pilot projects at Heilbronn University include:
  • Use of accompanying eLeA language training modules
  • Mathematics: Basics
  • Multimedia-based eAssessment for Engineering Mechanics
  • Electrical Engineering 1

Project coordinator: Oliver Klein, oliver.klein@hs-heilbronn.de