Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences

Language Courses

Language courses relevant to exams are curricular language course programmes which are part of the study and examination regulations (SPO) of a degree programme. The course requirements completed as part of these courses will be included in the grade sheet. The timetable for the language courses relevant to exams will be included in the timetable of the respective degree programme, i.e. you will find the courses in the timetable for each semester within the relevant examination regulations. The classification of each course according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) can be found on the page of each language.

On the other hand, there are additional language courses or Studium Generale language courses which can be credited toward the "Studium Generale Certificate". These language courses are part of the Studium Generale programme offered by the Centre for Study and Teaching which coordinates all extracurricular teaching and educational measures for students, including the range of courses offered by the Reinhold-Würth University at Künzelsau Campus.

Click here to find the detailed language course programmes on the German webpage.

German as a foreign language

International exchange students from our partner universities may attend the German as a foreign language courses (DaF). In this context, there are some rules that need to be respected. The corresponding guidelines can be found here > Guidelines for German as a foreign language.

How to attend the courses: There is a placement test and after the language tests, the students will be grouped according to their proficiency level. The allocation to one of the seven group levels is binding. Click here to find the German as a foreign language course programmes on the German webpage.

The meeting point for the placement test is on Friday, 20 September 2019, at 9.15 a.m., Campus Sontheim in the Aula (auditorium). If you want to register for the placement test, please contact Hannelore Lang or Kathrin Koç International Students Office.

German placement test:

Participants need to take a German placement test if they want to attend one of our courses. Attendance is obligatory. The test is completely internet-based and allows accurate assessment according to the CER (A2 to C1-level). There are 8 short gap-fills covering different topics at different levels.

An example can be found here.

Regular class attendance is required.

International exchange students who want to study at Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences for more than one semester, will automatically be upgraded to the next course level for the next semester, after having passed the exam. If students want to skip a course and move on to the next level, they will have to do the placement test again.

Participation in more than one German course may permitted in individual cases and after consultation with our office. Please send your written request to Christa Wanek-Baumann.