B.A. International Business - Intercultural Studies (IBIS)

Areas of Specialisation

Students may select at least two areas of specialisation (one as a major and the other as a minor) during the advanced integrated studies.

The following specialisation areas are available:

Financial & Management Accounting Learning Objectives:
Depiction and interpretation of information technology adherence (internal taxes within organisations; external depiction of an organisation's financial position) and business applications.
Instruction of comprehensive knowledge, usable methods of international controlling and its practical application. In this sense it shall provide an overview of important datasets and their relevance within the organisational setting.
Finance Learning Objectives:
Overview of international financial markets, ability to understand and comprehend important financial instruments as well as the usage of quantitative analysis tools such as MS Excel.
International Human Resource Management Learning Objectives:
Main focus area rests on international aspects of human resources which include the particularities of recruiting for overseas assignments, preparation and planning as well as company support and follow-up following the overseas assignmen.
International Management Learning Objectives:
Relevant theories and models of globalisation and the effect on organisations in the areas of strategy, structure, process, skills and culture. The following areas will be emphasized through the use of case studies involving international management.
Marketing Learning Objectives:
Understanding the various international approaches for market acquisition, international marketing concepts, international market research techniques and decision-making frameworks for data interpretation.