B.A. International Business - Intercultural Studies (IBIS)

Excellent Choice


"This programme provides solid, practical business management essentials. In addition, students will develop their intercultural competences as well as skills in English and one other foreign language (Arabic, French, Russian or Spanish) through excellent training in the classroom. The overall experience is enhanced through the opportunity to pursue an internship semester or study semester abroad. It prepares graduates to excel in their future careers in international companies and
organizations. This has been confirmed to me time and time again through the success of former graduates, as well as companies that employ them."

-Ronald Moeder, Programme Director for IBIS and IBO, Professor

"This study programme has been an ongoing success story since its inception. The young people and companies
recognise the potential which is offered by this programme for international business. In addition, the Arab component
of the programme (as an elective) is far from restrictive; but rather incredibly fascinating in how it applies to world stage."

-Andreas Fuhrmann, Professor

"Studying business administration with the combination of language-learning and intercultural skills—this was my main motivation for studying at Heilbronn University. When I look back now at my time as an IBIS Student, the university offered countless opportunities for a semester abroad, easy accessibility to Professors, intensive multinational dialogue as well as small group sizes in the classroom. IBIS is a must for anyone wishing to start a career in an internationally-oriented organisation."

-Laura Gruber, Graduate
“The IBIS Bachelor's Programme is the best preparation for an increasingly globalised world. Students, professors and the contents of the study programme are all internationally focused. Solid business studies combined with intercultural and language studies—I would choose IBIS again."

-Namrud Jakob Hermes, Graduate