BA International Business - Intercultural Studies (IBIS)

Programme Structure

The Bachelor Programme has duration of 7 semesters. The programme is structured into an introductory study period (1st - 2rd semester) followed by advanced integrated studies (3rd - 7th semester). The 5th semester is designated for an internship. In addition, students have the opportunity to study abroad within Heilbronn University’s worldwide network of partner universities. Students may opt for one semester abroad — and some cases may qualify to receive a dual-degree. A semester abroad, either as an internship or study semester is necessary to fulfill programme requirements.
Given the international nature of this study programme, most of the advanced integrated studies are delivered in English. For qualified graduates there is a chance to move on directly to the Master Programme (duration: 3 semesters) – International Business & Intercultural Management.

Introductory Study Period (1st - 2nd semester)

The introductory study period (1st and 2nd semesters) provides a strong introduction to Business Studies, Arabic or French or Spanish language as well as Business English. Courses offered include Business Administration, Area Studies (Arabic World or Hispanic World), Marketing, Economics, Human Resource Management, Accoutning & Finance, Law and International Business. Within this phase of studies, the general focus remains on practical knowledge and the enhancement of decision-making skills.

Advanced Integrated Studies (3rd - 7th semesters)

The advanced integrated studies (3rd - 7th semester) deepens and expounds the knowledge gained during introductory studies.

An emphasis is placed on business studies areas — Major and Minor, from the following areas of specialisation:

  • International Accounting and Controlling
  • International Finance
  • International Human Resource Management
  • International Management
  • International Marketing

The breadth of studies carried out leads to increased know-how in the above mentioned areas.