Unternehmensführung / Business Management (M.A.)



The innovative curriculum of the Master programme Business Management that balances in-classroom instruction with hands-on workshops and seminars, offers students the possibility, to work in small groups and to gain new, individual experiences.

The focus is not exclusively on the provision of professional and methodological knowledge. As you know, working in small groups is more open, personal and humorous. You can learn more about the other students in a relaxed environment, despite all requirements. This creates an intimate atmosphere which is the basis for fun during the studies.

In addition, the student life is dispersed with numerous projects, excursions and activities.

In the first semester of the Master programme the students usually plan a three-day excursion to changing locations (for an overview of our latest projects, please click here). In addition to factory tours and discussions, fun and teambuilding are two central elements during these field trips.

Moreover, further activities such as the BU/MU-summer party, disperse the student life. Similarly, the student association IBU often organizes parties, excursions and other activities.