Unternehmensführung / Business Management (M.A.)

International learning environment, bilingual courses


The concept of the Master's program in Business Management is aimed at an international learning environment. Besides integrating a semester abroad at one of the several partner universities students can experience an international learning environment while studying at Heilbronn University. Projects, a course in the second semester for example, may include international weeks, as well as assignments with international virtual student groups.

The structure of the programme is bilingual:

The lectures of semester one are held in German and the lectures of the following semesters are held in English.

The second semester either takes place at the foreign partner university or in English at Heilbronn University. International students from our partner universities join the second semester, creating an international learning environment.

Concerning their Master Thesis, students can choose to write it either in English or German.

Moreover, Heilbronn University offers students the possibility to learn other international languages without extra costs. If you want to learn another language, you can attend language courses of French, Spanish, Russian or Arabic on the campus.