Unternehmensführung / Business Management (M.A.)

Time-efficient structure and flexibility


The quick-paced Master programme offers prospective students intensive interpersonal skill development, practical leadership training and intercultural experience — all within 3 semesters. Each semester takes 15 weeks to complete and is concluded by a two-week examination period.

Flexibility is one the strengths of this Master programme. Thus it is possible to start the Master programme even if you finished a Bachelor programme with 180 ECTS. Applicants with 180 ECTS credits may obtain the missing 30 ECTS credits by attending suitable classes in the Bachelor programmes at Heilbronn University. The students can choose the lectures they want to attend and thereby personalize their curriculum. The time required for the provision of the 30 ECTS can be estimated with one extra semester. The individual approach has proven to be very successful in the past.

Special flexibility exists with regard to study abroad. If a student is - for personal reasons – not interested in a semester abroad at one of the several partner universities, the master's program will be carried out completely in Heilbronn. The tendency is that 2/3 of all students use the opportunity to study abroad, and 1/3 uses the possibility of on-site studies.