Unternehmensführung / Business Management (M.A.)

High practical relevance and business networks

Graduates of this Master programme have all prerequisites for making the right decisions when being in responsible positions. These capabilities are supported by hands-on introduction to scientific methods and dealing with real business challenges in the company. High practical relevance is a key feature of the Master programme Business Management.

In the lectures the students work on well-founded concepts and on real-life business problems and cases. Furthermore, a body of highly committed and notable academics has been appointed for this Master programme. They all possess unique competences deriving from their broad professional and educational backgrounds and have spent considerable time in industry and commerce. Among the diverse publications from the group of professors there are also well accepted college textbooks. The professors are experts in their fields:

Herr Prof. Dr. Alter -Schlecker Herr Prof. Dr. Schnauffer - MV Unternehmerkreis Herr Prof. Dr. Dillerup - Controlling Dialog

The high practical relevance of the Master programme is, among other things, guaranteed by an advisory committee, made up of representatives from business and politics. The Master in Business Management at Heilbronn University is located in the so called "region of the world market leaders". Many global players from the automotive industry, such as Audi and Bosch, as well as small and medium sized companies, which are market-leaders in their segments, have their headquarters located in the Heilbronn-Franken region. This is an excellent starting point for professional careers as students can benefit from the close and longstanding links Heilbronn University has forged with its international and local partners when undertaking their study assignments, project work and Master thesis.

The practicality of the programme is also clearly shown by the Master thesis which is usually written by the students in cooperation with global players or small and medium-sized companies (‘hidden champions’). Current examples can be found with following companies: Audi, Bosch, Kaco New Energy, Dieffenbacher, Porsche, Würth …