Fakultät Wirtschaft und Verkehr (WV)

Important Points Regarding the Educational System at Heilbronn University

Credit System

Germany uses the ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) as the scheme for credit valuation. ECTS credits are based on the workload students need in order to achieve expected learning outcomes. ECTS credits may differ from those used in your home country. Please click on the following link to read more information: http://ec.europa.eu/education/lifelong-learning-policy/doc/ects/guide_en.pdf

Suggested Workload

The suggested workload for incoming exchange students is 30 ECTS credits. Exchange Students are recommended to remain at 30 ECTS or below; as a higher workload is not suggested. German students also take 30 ECTS credits, on average, per semester.

Language of Instruction

The standard language of instruction at Heilbronn University is German. Heilbronn University is an international university and offers many classes instructed in English. The language can be subject to change from semester-to-semester regarding particular courses, although often remains the same.


Courses instructed at Heilbronn University require regular attendance, unless the Professor/instructor indicates otherwise.

German Grading System

Please observe that the German grading system ranges from a 1 (Very Good Performance) to a 5 (Failing Mark). All incoming exchange students will receive a grade following their academic performance at Heilbronn University. A transcript of records will be sent to the home university following the end of exchange period for each exchange student.

Advising Upon Arrival

Heilbronn University aims to support the incoming students as they arrive and adapt to the German academic system. A designated contact person will be assigned upon the student’s arrive to help with course selection, academic-related questions and other procedures.