Prof. Dr. Wendelin Schramm

Work Experience

Since 2007:   Head of GECKO Research Institute of Heilbronn University (

Since 2007:   Professor for health economics and health care management at Heilbronn University, study programme medical informatics

July 2012 - October 2016: Vice-Chancellor Research of Heilbronn University

2010 - 2012:   Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Informatics at Heilbronn University

2007 - 2012:   Data privacy officer of Heilbronn University

2004 – 2008:  Director Health Economics of Rudolf-Virchow Institute, Basel, Switzerland

Since  2003:  Founder of the EUMEDES Institute for Healthcare Managemement and Health Economics Dr. Wendelin Schramm (

2000 - 2003:  Medical Director, Institute for Medical Informatics and Biostatistics, Basel, Switzerland

1999 - 2000:  Specialist for healthcare management, Department for Healthcare Management, Allianz Private Health Insurance.

1996 - 1999:  Scientific Assistant at the Diabetes Centre Klinikum Innenstadt, University of Munich.

1996 - 1996:  Product Manager Medical Software at mediNET GmbH, Munich

1994 – 1996:  Assistant physician at the Diabetes Centre Klinikum Innenstadt, University of Munich and WHO Project Office DiabCare.


Education and Training

2007: Certificate Medical Informatics of the German Medical Informatics Association (GMDS)

2004: DQM Quality Auditor of the German Diabetes Association

2000: Thesis at the University of Munich, Title: ‘Proteinuria Screening and Intervention in Diabetes mellitus – The PROSIT-Project in Munich’

1998: Curriculum Medical Quality Management, Federal Chamber of Physicians

1998: EFQM Assessor according to the regulations of the European Foundation for Quality Management EFQM

1989 - 1994 medical school Ludwig-Maximillians Universität München, University of Munich

1987 - 1989 medical school University of Regensburg