Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Wehl

Akronyme und Abkürzungen der Mikrosystemtechnik

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AI Artifical Intelligence
ASIB Application Specified Interconnection Board
ASIC Application Specified Integrated Circuit
AR Aspect Ratio (Streckenverhältnis, Verhältnis des Bohrlochdurchmessers zur Leiterplattendicke)
ATAB Area (Array) Tape Automated Bonding


BCA Bare Chip Attach
BCP Bare Chip Processing
BEM Boundary Element Method
BGA Ball Grid Array
BIST Built In Self Test
BME Base-Metal Electrodes
BS Boundary Scan
BTAB Bumped Tape Automated Bonding


C&P Collect and Place
C&W Chip and Wire
C4 Controlled Collapse Chip Connection
C5 Controlled Collapse Chip Connection on Ceramic
CA Computer Aided, Computer Assisted
CAD Computer Aided Design
CAE Computer Aided Engineering
CAI Computer Aided Instruction
CAIBE Chemically Assisted Ion-Beam Etching
CAM Computer Aided Manufacturing
CAP Computer Aided Planning
CAPP Computer Aided Production Planning
CAQ Computer Aided Quality (Control)
CAT Computer Aided Testing, Computer Aided Technology
CC Chip Carrier
C-C Chip Capacitor
CCC Ceramic Chip Carrier
CCD Charge Coupled Device
CCGA Ceramic Column Grid Array
CERDIP Ceramic =>DIP (Keramikhalbschalengehäuse)
CERPACK Ceramic Package (Keramikhalbschalengehäuse mit vierseitig angeordneten Anschlusselementen für (SMT)
CIB Chip in Board
CIM Computer Integrated Manufacturing
CLA Center Line Average
CLCC Ceramic Leaded Chip Carrier
CMOS Complementary (MOS
CNC Computerized Numerical Control
COB Chip on Board
COG Chip on Glass
CQFP Ceramic Quad-Flat Package
CSP Chip Scale Package, Chip Size Package
C-R Chip Resister
CVD Chemical Vapour Deposition


DBGA Dimpled Grid Array
DCA Direct Chip Attachment
DFP Dual Flat Pack
Die (gleiche Bedeutung wie Chip)
DIL Dual in-Line
DIP Dual in-Line Package
DI-Tran Dielectric Transfer Tape
DNC Direct (Distributed) Numerical Control
dpm Defects per Million
DRAM Dynamic (RAM
DRC Direct Robot Control
DSB Double-Sided Board


ECL Emitter Coupled Logic
EEPROM Electrical Erasable (PROM
ELSI Extra (Extremely) Large Scale Integration
EMV Elektromagnetische Verträglichkeit
EPROM Erasable =>PROM


FC Flip Chip
FCIP Flip Chip in Package
FC Flip Chip Technology
FITS Failures in Time Standard (Ausfallrate, definiert als Fehler in 109 Bauelementestunden)
FMS Flexible Manufacturing System
FOF Film on Frame, Factory of the Future
FP Flat Package, Flatpack
FPMH Failure per Million Hours - Ausfälle während einer Million Stunden
FQFP Fine pitch =>QFP
FTC Flipped =>TAB Carrier
FPY First Production Yield


GSI Giant Scale Integration


HDI High Density Interconnection
HDMI High Density Multilayer Interconnect
HDMPDP High Density Multilayer Package Development Program
HDTV High-Definition TV
HIC Hybrid Integrated Circuit
HSIC High Speed Integrated Circuit


IBE Ion-Beam Etching
IC Integrated Circuit
ICT In Circuit Test
IE Ion Etching
I2L Integrated Injection Logic
ILB Inner Lead Bonding
IMD Insert Mounted Device
IMT Insert Mount Technology


JIT Just-in-Time
JEDEC Joint Electronic Device Engineering Council


KGD Known Good Die


LAD Laser Assisted Deposition
Laser Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
LCC Leaded Chip Carrier
LCCC Leadless Ceramic Chip Carrier
LCD Liquid Crystal Device (Display)
LCM Laminated Ceramic Module
LDCCC Leaded Ceramic Chip Carrier
LED Light Emitting Diode
LF Lead Frame
LGA Leadless Grid Array, Land Grid Array
LID Leadless Inverted Device
LIF Low Insertion Force
LP Leiterplatte
LPCC Leadless Plastic Chip Carrier
LPCVD Low Pressure CVD
LSI Large Scale Integration
LTCC Low Temperature Cofired Ceramic


MC Multilayer Ceramic
MCB Molded Circuit Board
MCM Multilayer Ceramic Module, Multichip Module
MCM-C Multichip Module Ceramic
MCD-D Multichip Module Deposited
MCM-L Multichip Module Laminated
MCP Multichip Package
MELF Metal Electrode Face Bonding
MID Moulded Interconnect Device
MIL-STD Military Standard Specification
MIPS Million Instructions per Second
MIR Moisture Insulation Resistance
MIS Microinterconnect System
MLB Multilayer Board
MLC Multilayer Ceramic
MLCC Multilayer Ceramic Chip Capacitor
MLI Multilayer Interconnections
MLS Multilayer Substrate
MOCVD Metal Oxide =>CVD
MOP Metal Based Organic Film Packaging
MOS Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor
MPS Micro Packaging System
MS Military Specification , Micro System
MSI Medium Scale Integration
MST Micro System Technology
MSP Mimi Square Package
MTBF Mean Time between Failures
MTTF Mean Time To Fail
MTTR Mean Time to Repair
µBGA Mikro Ball Grid Array


Nd:YAG-Laser Neodym-Yttrium-Alumina-Granat-Laser


OLB Outer Lead Bonding
OSI Open Systems Interconnection
OVCC Open Via Chip Carrier


P&P Pick and Place
PAA Pad Area Array Package
PB Printed Board
PBGA Plastic =>BGA
PC Printed Circuit, Personal Computer
PCB Printed Circuit Board
PCC Plastic Chip Carrier
PCM Photoformed Ceramic Module
PCS Photoformed Ceramic Substrate
PDR Physical Development by Reduction
PGA Pin Grid Array
PE Plasma Etching
PECVD Plasma Enhanced =>CVD
PGA Pin Grid Array, Pad Grid Array
PIH Pin in Hole (Technology)
PLCC Plastic Leaded Chip Carrier
PLD Programmable Logic Device
POM Polymer on Metal
ppm Parts per Million
PQFP Plastic Quad-Flat Package
PROM Programmable Read only Memory
PSGA Polymer Stud Grid Array
PSMD Photoselective Metal Deposition
PSO Plastic Small Outline
PTH Plated-Through Hole
PWA Printed Wiring Assembly
PWB Printed Wiring Board


QCP Quad Carrier Package
QFP Quad-Flat Package
QUIL Quad in-Line
QUIP/QIP Quad in-Line Package, Quadruple in-Line Package


RAM Random Access Memory
RAMS Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, and Safety – Zuverlässigkeit, Verfügbarkeit, Instandsetzbarkeit, Sicherheit
RCC Resin Coated Copper
RIBE Reactive Ion-Beam Etching
RIE Reactive Ion Etching
RoHS Restriction of the use of certain Haz-ardous Substances
ROM Read only Memory


SCB Silicon Circuit Board
SCP Single Chip Packaging
SEM Scanning Electron Microscope
SHSIC Super High Speed IC
SIL Single in-Line
SIP Single in-Line Package
SLAM Single Layer Alumina Metallization
SLSI Super Large Scale Integration
SLT Solid Logic Technology
SMA Surface Mount Assembly
SMART Surface Mounted and Related Technologies
SMC Surface Mounted Component
SMD Surface Mounted Device
SME Surface Mount Equipment
SMOBC Solder Mask over Bare Copper
SMP Surface Mounted Package
SMT Surface Mount Technology
SO Small Outline
SOD Small Outline Diode
SOI Semiconductor on Insulator
SOIC Small Outline IC
SO-J Small Outline J-leaded
SO-N Small Outline Narrow
SOP Small Outline Package
SOS Silicon on Sapphire
SOT Small Outline Transistor
SO-W Small Outline Width
SPC Statistical Process Control
SSB Single-Sided-Board
SSI Small Scale Integration
SSOP Shrink Small Outline Package
STH Silver-Through Hole


TAB Tape Automated Bonding
TC Thermocompression
TCB Thermo Compression Bonding
TCC Tape Chip Carrier
TCE Thermal Coefficient of Expansion, Temperature Coefficient of Expansion
TCM Thermal Conduction Module
TCP Tape Carrier Package
Tg Glass Transistion Temperature
THM Through Hole Mounting
THT Through Hole Technology
TMP Thermal Mounting Plate
TOS Tape on Substrate
TS Thermosonic
TSOP Thin Small Outline Package
TTL Transistor-Transistor Logic


UBM Underbump Metallization
UFP Ultra fine pitch
UHSIC Ultra High Speed IC
ULSI Ultra Large Scale Integration
US Ultrasonic


VHSIC Very High Speed IC
VIP Vias in Pad
VLSI Very Large Scale Integration
VPS Vapour Phase Soldering
VSO Very Small Outline


WLBI Wafer Level Burn In
WLB Wafer Level Packaging
WSI Wafer Scale Integration



YAG-Laser Yttrium-Alumina-Granat-Laser


ZIF Zero Insertion Force
ZIP Zig Zag in-Line Package