International Tourism Management (M.A.)


Frequently asked questions about the MA International Tourism Management Programme

When can I start to apply for the programme "International Tourism Management"?

The online application form is available each year from May/June.
Can I apply when my First Degree Certificate will be issued after July 15th?

No, if you will finish your BA graduation at a Non-German Institution, you can only apply with a completely finished First Degree and the corresponding certificate. Preliminary Degree Certificates cannot be taken into consideration for the application to Studienkolleg Konstanz and to our MA programme.

What is the deadline for application?

Application deadline: each year on July 15th (winter term).

Is it possible to apply for the summer and the winter term?
Unfortunately not. The program only starts in the winter semester.
My prior Bachelor course was not directly related to business. Am I still eligible?
In case that 50% of your courses (or ECTS) were related to business you are eligible. This condition needs to be given in order to guarantee the basic knowledge on the courses you are going to take.
My first degree was awarded by a non-German institution, therefore its eligibility must be confirmed by an external entity. Who is it and how can I get the authentication of my diploma certificate?
In order to have their qualifications validated, applicants have to contact the Studienkolleg – Center for International Students in Konstanz.

The Center for International Students will assess the Bachelor's degree and decide if it meets the requirements for entering a Master's degree programme in Germany.

To find out which documents must be submitted, applicants have to contact the Studienkolleg – Center for International Students in Konstanz directly.

Applications can only be considered if all required documents (including the Studienkolleg Certificate) reached Heilbronn University on July 15 at the latest. Please note this is a cut-off date.

Please note the differing application deadlines of the Center for International Students:

1st May for the winter semester

Do I need to be proficient in German?
The MA International Business & Intercultural Management (MIBIM) is completely delivered in English. German language skills are not required. Still, if you aim to stay in Germany to do internships or get a permanent work position, German language skills are highly recommended to you.
How much is the tuition fee?
142,50 € of administrative fees and a social contribution for the student services are charged each semester.

Tuition Fees for non-European students from winter term 2017/18

The State of Baden-Württemberg introduced tuition fees for international students from the winter semester 2017/2018 onwards.You will find more information following this link.

In the entry requirement it says that TOEFEL, IELTS or CAE is mandatory? Are there any exeptions?
It is important to us to assure a high quality of the course, therefore only official TOEFL, IELTS or CAE certificates will be accepted. Only native speakers do not need to do such a test. Apart from this no expection can be made.
Is there a TOEFL code available for Heilbronn University?
Yes, the TOEFL code for Heilbronn University is 2751.
Can I take another kind of English Test?
We only accept TOEFL, IELTS and CAE certificates.
Where can I get information about scholarship programmes?
Scholarships can be researched on the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) website. Please contact the DAAD office in your country directly for further information. ( and under the following link:
I come from China, Mongolia or Vietnam. Are there any additional requirements?
If you were awarded your first degree by a Chinese, Vietnamese or Mongolian institution*, its eligibility must be confirmed by the APS of the German Embassy in Beijing (, Hanoi ( or Ulan Bator ( In addition please hand in a certification of Studienkolleg Konstanz which states the eligibility of your first degree. Please enclose both confirmations. Be aware that you have to apply for the Studienkolleg Konstanz certificate until May 1st.

*Except Hongkong, Macao and Taiwan.
Does Heilbronn University offer support for visa procedures?
If you are successfully admitted to our Master Programme, Heilbronn University will send you an official letter that will be needed to get a visa. However, all the visa procedures are under the responsibility of the student. We advise international students to contact their local German Consulate as soon as possible to get information and avoid delays.
Does Heilbronn University offer support for accommodation?
Heilbronn University has a collaboration agreement with the Studierendenwerk Heidelberg accommodation services. For more information, please see the link of our accommodation webpage or visit the Studentenwerk Heidelberg page under this link.
When will I know if I was accepted or not?
There is no official date for the publication of the results. Usually students receive an response about four to five weeks after the application deadline (15 of July).