Heilbronn University Graduate School (HUGS)


In 2010 the University Board decided to reach international accreditation for business programs after all the programs have gained national accreditation and high national rankings.

Being in the center of many global brand leaders which operate internationally and its close connection to corporate world Heilbronn University supports those companies with highly educated graduates. In many conversations between business partners, alumni and Heilbronn University it became clear that there is a high need for graduates for the regional market.

As a result of this process in which all stakeholders e.g. the Board of Heilbronn University, Deans, Program Directors, Alumni and representatives from the business world as well as students have been involved the decision was made to establishing a new unit.

In January 2016, the Senate unanimously approved this unit namely HUGS and its statutes.

At Heilbronn University HUGS operates the graduate business programs

These programs were established in 2006 and have been operated by the School of Business and Transport Management. In 2016 the area of responsibility fell to HUGS.

Double Degrees for example with Northumbria University (GB), Edinburgh Napier University (GB), University New Brunswick (CA) are offered by these master programs.

On June 2016 the Foundation Ceremony of Heilbronn University Graduate School (HUGS)  took place. With over 100 invited guests Heilbronn University celebrated the official establishment of HUGS.