Heilbronn University Graduate School (HUGS)


As our graduates are future professionals and leaders working in a vibrant environment we take the responsibility to educate our students in a broad understanding of knowledge transfer and innovation.

HUGS works closely with its many partners in business, industry and the local community to create a sustainable and ethical learning environment for its students and to ensure the relevance of teaching for the corporate world.

The following activities take place at HUGS:

  • The Board of School and Supervisory Board that accompany the development of curricular programs ensure their acceptance and thus warrant the employability of graduates.
  • HUGS currently cooperate with over 60 companies, which contribute directly to the faculty’s academic input and output.
  • Practitioner contribution includes lecturers who impart their expertise in specialized areas or provide ad hoc support as project coordinators or sponsors.
  • The collaboration with the corporate world has engendered multiple networks that have gained recognition far beyond their regional boundaries. They comprise logistics specialists, a group of 120 marketing and sales entrepreneurs, a management accounting network which boasts 300 members and institutes specializing in corporate forecast models and system dynamics.
  • Several members of staff have set up their own consulting companies and act as expert con-sultants for companies. This also enables them to integrate current business practices and economic trends in their lectures.
  • On-site excursions to associated industrial partners, for instance, offer students genuine in-sights into the business world.

All HUGS member benefit in many ways from the manifold connections. This not only enhances the attractiveness of student´s learning experience, it is also a valuable source of information for their course work, seminar papers, projects and dissertations and on the other hand results in a valuable knowledge transfer.