Heilbronn University Graduate School (HUGS)

Quality Management

All academic programs of HUGS have been accredited by ACQUIN, a national agency which complies with the standards issued by the Accreditation Council of Germany.

HUGS has excellent links to the corporate world. It develops its programs in cooperation with its business partners and society for educating future professionals and leaders who are able to meet the requirements of a dynamic environment in a responsible and ethical way.

As part of continuous improvement HUGS has implemented an evaluation process which takes place every semester.

  • In week 9 to 11 of a term all faculty members initiate the evaluation of each class which is carried out by the students
  • The result of evaluation is automatically sent to concerning faculty and Program Director.
  • Program Director and faculty member analyzing the evaluation and discuss potential steps for improvement
  • The result is to be discussed with students and taken in account for remaining class hours
  • After analyzing and discussing the results insights will be presented to the Board of School and if necessary steps for further improvement will be taken

HUGS´s programs understand teaching as interaction between various viewpoints within a dynamic environment.