Heilbronn University Graduate School (HUGS)

Core Values

Our core values define our culture at HUGS. They guide how we make our decisions and how our staff, students and stakeholders work with each other. Each member of HUGS is expected to uphold these values toward peers and community.


  • We offer excellent academic programs and services
  • We provide high-quality instructions, technology and facilities
  • We always take in account current developments of the labor market


  • We see our students in center of our actions - they make our work possible
  • We activate student’s potential and encourage them for lifelong learning
  • We help our students to grow as responsible, knowledgeable and innovative personalities


  • We always consider the rights and feelings of others
  • We are committed to fairness in our practices and communication
  • We create a spirit of freedom and open minded environment to enable value-based learning and teaching


  • We live our standards and principles actively
  • We are dedicated to connect the perspectives and backgrounds of diverse social and academic groups of people
  • We know, that each individual can positively shape our environment and can contribute to our success


  • We have a shared responsibility for developing our university
  • We understand collaborations within the University and with external partners as enriching and rewarding
  • We recognize the value of integrating classroom learning with the community experience


HUGS is part of an international environment and supports open-mindedness among all members and beyond. All members of HUGS commit to the following regulations:

  • We understand diversity as an opportunity
  • We do not allow discrimination in all forms
  • We make no difference - equal treatment and opportunities is a right for everybody
  • We respect the rights of individuals
  • We accept other viewpoints and reflect them in a responsible way
  • We act carefully with resources