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Going  Abroad


Finland, Great Britain, Italy, Spain, Brazil, China...

As a student at HHN, there are various possibilities for you to go abroad! Each option has its pros and cons as well as varying duration and costs.

That's why International Relations TW is here to help you with providing information on international activities and assist you in making the right choice for you!

Your international pathway could be through:

  • A semester abroad at a partner university within the Erasmus+ Programme
  • A semester abroad at a global (non-Erasmus+) partner university
  • A semester abroad as a "Free-Mover" at a non-partner university
  • Internship abroad
  • Double Degree
  • International excursion
  • International Summer Schools
  • Language courses abroad


Contact us at international-kuen@hs-heilbronn.de, visit us in D220 or find us on facebook!

Application Deadline

Study Abroad for WS2019/20 and SS2020

Deadline: 31 January 2019



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